Organic Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Organic Hibiscus Herbal Tea


Organic hibiscus herbal tea is a spirit-lifting beverage with a deliciously tart, almost cranberry-like flavor that’s enjoyed hot or cold.

Organic Hibiscus herbal tea may help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by preventing the accumulation of fat and mass in your body as part of your daily routine.

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Hibiscus Tea has been traditionally used around the world for its several health benefits. Find joy in the whole thing which you do by keeping yourself glad and content material as often as you could by using Teavity Hibiscus Tea, its stimulant effects will help in getting your little extra energy through the day.

Nothing can be compared to the quality of Teavity Premium Organic Hibiscus Tea blend, it has a good flavor and aroma profile that perfectly suits your style and taste. Teavity Hibiscus Tea is known as much for its lovely pink hue as its sweet and slightly tart flavor. It can be brewed both hot and cold.

Teavity hibiscus tea loose leaf is perfect for a refreshing summer tea or a winter tea to warm you up! Teavity Teas are known for their desirable qualities to enhance a healthy lifestyle, not only a warm hug in winters but it should be declared as a routine for its several benefits.

With a variety to suit each flavor and mood, discover the arena of Teavity teas stimulated through conventional recipes. In efforts to provide plastic-neutral packaging, all Teavity herbal tea pods are recyclable with easy to peel tabs. A win for delicious tea, a win for a better environment.

How to make Perfect Teavity Organic Hibiscus Tea?

 1: Open the lid, and place your favorite Teavity hibiscus tea pod in the tea chamber.

2: Fill the water reservoir before brewing, if needed.

3: Close the lid, place your tea/coffee mug on the drink plate, select your cup size, and hit the brew button.

4: Enjoy one perfect cup of Teavity instant hibiscus tea in less than a minute.


Pure Hibiscus

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Pure Hibiscus

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Health Benefits

Organic Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a flower that is dried and used as a tea. It has a tart, cranberry-like flavor and is a rich source of vitamin C. Hibiscus tea can help lower blood pressure and may have other health benefits. Teavity offers several different organic hibiscus teas, all of which are delicious and refreshing.

Health Benefits:

    • Packed with antioxidants

Animal studies have found that hibiscus extract has antioxidant properties. Additional studies are needed to determine how this may translate to humans.*

    • May help lower blood pressure

Some studies have found that hibiscus tea may lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. However, it should not be taken with blood pressure medications to prevent an interaction.*

    • May help lower blood fat

Some studies have shown that hibiscus tea may reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides in those with diabetes and metabolic syndrome. However, other studies have produced conflicting results. More research is needed in the general population.*

    • May boost liver health

Human and animal studies have found that hibiscus extract may benefit liver health by reducing liver damage and fatty liver.*

    • Could promote weight loss

A few human and animal studies have associated the consumption of hibiscus extract with decreased body weight and body fat, but more research is needed.*

    • Contains compounds that may help prevent cancer

Test-tube studies have found that hibiscus extract reduces the growth and spread of several types of cancer cells. Human studies are needed to evaluate the effect of hibiscus tea.*


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